South Kona Veterinary Service

​Text 808-589-8181

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I come to your office?  We do not have a regular office for visits other than our tent.  We are a Friday and Sunday only service.

What if I have an emergency?  We may be able to advise you if you would like to text us regarding your pet, but we refer all emergencies to one of the clinics in town who are better staffed and equipped to deal with emergencies.  WE STRONGLY RECOMMEND YOU HAVE AN ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIP WITH A VET IN TOWN IN CASE OF EMERGENCY.  It can be difficult to get in even on emergency if they have not seen your pet before.

I'm travelling with my pet, do you do travel documents? Yes.  We are able to do rabies vaccinations, send in rabies titers, and do health certificates for travel to the U.S. mainland.  We do not do direct airport release from the Kona airport, as we have no facility to detain pets who have not met requirements for entry.  We do not offer travel services outside of North America.

Do you do free spay/neuter surgeries?  No.  We are not currently doing any spay/neuter surgeries but are happy to refer you.

What are your hours?  We have regular hours on Friday 9-12, 1-2 and Sunday 9-2 at our tent.  Like most South Kona residents, we have other jobs we do during the week, but try to answer texts and emails daily. 

What if I need medications refilled and can't come to the market?  We have a drop box at our house where you can pick up medications and leave payment.  Simply text us your needs and we will let you know when your prescription is available.  We also have an online pharmacy if you prefer your medications to be delivered. Click the "Pharmacy" button on the top of the screen.

Can you call in my prescription to the pharmacy?  We deal only in paper prescriptions which can be mailed or brought to the pharmacy of your choice if we do not carry the medications your pet needs.  We do not do phone, fax, or email authorizations.  There is a charge for a written prescription.

Do you do in-home euthanasia?  We are no longer doing housecalls or euthanasias.  If you think your pet may be suffering, please contact us as soon as possible.  In many cases, there are things we can do to make your pet more comfortable for whatever time they have with you.  Please refer to your regular vet in town for euthanasia services.  They may be able to sedate your pet in advance to minimize stress.

Do you see goats?  Horses? Pigs?  No.  We see dogs and cats, and the occasional pet chicken.  You will need a "large animal" vet for goats, horses, sheep, or pigs.  Ainahou Animal Hospital in Kamuela sees farm animals.  Call 989-6149

Do you see cats at the market with all of the dogs there?  We do our kitty exams and treatments inside our practice vehicle, where they are safe and cannot escape.  We also REQUIRE CATS ARRIVE FOR THEIR APPOINTMENT IN A SECURE CARRIER, so there should be no risk of them being frightened by a dog and trying to flee.  Please keep in mind we do need to be able to handle your cat to be able to do an exam and return the cat to your carrier, so we cannot treat feral cats who may need sedation to be handled.

Do you take credit cards?  Yes.  Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and American Express.  Cash and valid local check are also accepted.

Will you send me a reminder when my pet is due for a visit?  No.  You will need to keep track of your own pet's medical schedule.

Will you call or text me a reminder for my appointment?  We will text you 48 hours before your appointment to confirm.  IF YOU DO NOT REPLY, YOUR APPOINTMENT MAY BE CANCELLED.  Please put your appointment in your phone or write yourself a note so you don't forget.  Showing up to your appointment on time is your responsibility.  Allow extra time for parking if your appointment is on a Sunday.