Meet the Team

Keri L. Jones, DVM, CVPP

Tina is Keri's wife and had a much more prestigious corporate job before signing up for her current position as a veterinary assistant.   We are very lucky to have her corporate-level multi-tasking and problem solving abilities put to better use here.  She's an awesome dog holder, med counter, and all-around great helper.  If you need something, Tina's the one to ask! 

South Kona Veterinary Service

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​​​Tina Snapp, RN, CCM

Dr. Jones is a 1995 graduate of Oklahoma State University College of Veterinary Medicine, and received her Pain Management specialty certification in 2010 from the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management.  She is a published author and has taught other veterinarians about pain management in geriatric pets.  Keri and Tina moved to the Big Island from Colorado and opened a Bed and Breakfast in Captain Cook in 2013.